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Where's the Justice?

We've just seen the meltdown of the world economy.

And it was triggered by a few supposedly bright people
who dreamed up "get rich quick" faulty financial products
that were immediately pumped into the marketplace by
thousands of unknowing financial minions ordered by
decree from their top management to "Sell! Sell! Sell!".

Here was the Jackpot at the End of the Rainbow
for the high living smart asses who sold a pig in a poke
to the the poor millions giving them the illusion that
they could catch the imaginary "American Dream".

That's all gone up in a wisp of Leprechaun smoke.

The trail of destruction of lost jobs, families torn
apart, pensioners starving, homeless children and
cash deprived taxpayers that was left would even put any
of the Apocalyptic Four Horsemen to shame.

So what's happened to these genius masterminds who
have perpetrated the greatest economic crimes rivaling
the Great Depression?

Nothing! There's no law supposedly broken. This
is buyer beware taken to new heights - the most
grandiose snake oil ever concocted.

Hell, they were even recommended by conspiratory allies
to Congress as the only masterminds who could safely
lead us out of this recession induced quagmire. Talk
about letting the foxes into the henhouse again!

April 20, 2009

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