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!! Something Wrong With This Picture !!

Don't know about you folks, but the recent Bailout of the Banks
is really irking me!
The Government has given away our hard earned tax money,
no strings attached, to stupidly managed banks.
Banks that most Americans already have outstanding
credit card balances with.
The Government should have at least required that
these outstanding balances be reduced by each of our
share of the Bailout!
This decision would have immediately released Billions
of credit to the average taxpayer.
But did we have a say? NO!
We've been shafted!
Not only do we now have a huge Government Bailout Debt
but we still owe the banks on our credit cards. Sure
smacks of double serfdom to me.
Plus! The banks have the gall to increase rates while
giving themselves huge bonuses and partying into the
wee hours of the morning.

!! Definitely something wrong with this picture !!

February 12, 2009

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